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PLC/DCS Specific Interfacing Modules

Digital Output Relay Interface Module 2C/O wetted (powered contacts) with option of fuse & LED indication.

DO Relay Interface Modules with 2 Changeovers relay (Wetted/Powered contacts) used for Interfacing PLC /DCS digital outputs to field or field devices such as Contactor, Solenoid Valve, Motors etc. Outputs are galvanically isolated through Relays.

Component Specification
Relay: 24VDC Coil, 2 Changeovers.
Relay Socket: 2 Changeovers PCB solderable type.
Terminals*: Screw type suitable for 2.5 sq.mm conductor.
PCB: Glass Epoxy double side PTH with Lacquer Coating.

Technical Specification

General Data

No. of Channel: 8, 16, 32.
Test Voltage: 500V, 50Hz, 1Min Input/output.
Ambient operating Temp.: Max 60°.
Relative Humidity: Max 90% (Non- Condensing).
Tropicalisation: Lacquer coating on both side of PCB.
Mounting: Universal Din Rail Mountable.
Identification Tag: Provided.
Standard/Approvals: PCB: Type tested STQC, IEC 61373, ANSI IPC 2221 & 2222, MIL 275B
Terminals: UL/CE & CSA Standard
Relays: UL/CSA

Input Data

System Signal (Input): 24VDC, +/- 10%.
System side configuration: Generally Source Type OR to be specified by user.
Termination on System side: Plug in type Connector (CN1).
Input Current / channel: 25mA @ 24VDC.
Protection across Relay Coil: Freewheeling diode.
Indication / Channel: Green LED (Relay ON).

Output Data

Contact Type: 2 Changeovers.
Field Side Terminals: Screw type terminals.
Field Side configuration: Wetted (Powered contact 24DC/110AC/230AC).
Max Output Current rating: 2 Amp @ 24VDC/230VAC for Inductive load.
5 Amp @ 24VDC/230VAC for Resistive load.
Protection: Fuse & fuse fail indication in each contact.
Snubber Protection: Available on request.
Isolation between Input & Output: Galvanic.
Conductor size: 0.25 - 2.5 sq.mm flexible.
Insulation Stripping length: 7.0 mm.

Other Notes

Screw less Terminals: Available on request for selective Relay Modules.
Please specify contact load voltage if fuse fail indication required.