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Remote Access and Maintenance from UL Group

We are pleased to introduce internationally acclaimed products & solutions for Remote access and maintenance from Helmholz, Germany with the trademark support from UL Group's technology center "till the sustained communication is established." 

Why Remote Access? 

Machine builders, users with multiple sites with centralized engineering center, OEMs with far flung fleets of equipments spreaded over different locations and even different countries, have always desired to look into the operation of their process, plants, machines and equipments from afar. This desire has paved the way for various technologies which are available for Remote Access now a day. 
Typically engineers would like to do, 
1. Troubleshooting and programming PLC remotely 
2. Viewing and controlling HMI remotely 
3. Connecting the web camera for assistance. 
4. Supporting field technicians for commissioning and maintenance. 

What are the advantages of Remote Access and Maintenance? 

1. Many problems of machine controls can be solved remotely. 
2. Relieving experts to more important tasks by just guiding technicians at site. 
3. Cutting Travel costs and need of support personnel. 
4. Many times problems are just teaking with programming and some parameters which are solved on line. 
5. Reducing the impact of emergencies. 
6. Optimising engineers load. 
7. Maximising Machine uptime and hence productivity. 
8. Planned maintenance with right tools and person with right skills when home work is done online before making the visit. 
9. Satisfied customers with proactive and preventive approach. 
10. No need of local support teams. 


History of Remote Access & limitations: 

Analog landline with modem terminal console was the first choice which was having advantage of bypassing customer's network and no need to tap the IT network but with many disadvantages with today's technological progress like slow, difficult to install, costly to operate and maintain, SIM cards with fixed IP addresses, recurring costs, time to acquire them and configure and expensive when continuous connectivity is desired. 


1. Leveraging Internet 
2. Cloud Computing 


How to securely manage the machine connection to the end user's network and to the internet and cloud. 


+ Cloud Computing (For connection of large number of machines & apps) 
+On-demand remote access (More controls with machine owners) 
+Multi-layer user authentication (More security) 
+ Virtual Private Network (Isolated tunnel and encrypted data) 
+ Firewall (Protection from cyber harms) 
+ SSL and IPsec : Security Layers (Ultimate possible security) 

That is, Remote Access with absolute possible security. 
Please find the link below for the range of products and cloud computing solutions.