News / Announcement

UL Group in collaboration with ORING, Taiwan contributing in Indian Railway Tourism to be safer and more convenient

Background Introduction:

 Indian Railway (IRCTC) has recently taken trails  for one of prestigious project of Vistadome railways tourism to build on-board IP Surveillance and infotainment System.

Indian Railway introduced Vistadome trains to promote tourism through railway. These trains help to connect different tourist destinations across the country. The modern features of this train are meant to give comfort and safety to the travelers.

Indian Railway’s Vistadome coaches running at various tourist destinations like Araku Valley, DADAR to GOA and Srinagar Valley has a glass roof, rotating chairs, IP surveillance technologies, Public Address (PA), Passenger Information System (PIS), LCD television and other many interesting things.

Project Locations:

·         Mumbai to Goa

·         Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley

·         Shrinagar Valley


Project Requirements:

·         Ensure travel safety with video surveillance system.

·         Enables data communications between control center and on-board systems.

·         Public Address (PA) system performs regular announcements for passenger information and also emergency announcements for passenger evacuation.

·         Passenger Information System (PIS) provides services such as train information displays



Project Highlights:

·         EN50155-certificated and M12 connectors for operation in harsh environments

·         24VDC power input to meet power requirements in transportation environment.

·         Ring topology to provide redundancy capabilities.

·         PoE fully compliant with IEEE802.3af standard



Project Structure:

In this large-scale project, TPS-3882GT-M12-BP1-24V units of ORing's T-series products have been installed in Vistadome coaches at various tourist destinations like Araku Valley, DADAR to GOA and Srinagar Valley. ORing's T-series products are designed for railway transportation as their EN50155 compliance and M12 connectors guarantee robust and reliable connections in harsh vibration environments.

The TPS-3882GT-M12-BP1-24V switches are installed in the front and back locomotives to connect onboard switches with other IP devices. With eight PoE-enabled ports, the TPS-3882GT-M12-BP1-24V switches are able to provide power to connected powered devices such as IP cameras. Since there is no need to install additional power cables for these powered devices, overall installation costs have been cut down significantly and the installation is extremely simplified.

By deploying a complete IP network throughout the Vistadome coaches, the administrator can provide real-time travel information to passengers while keeping an eye on the situation in the train to ensure the highest level of security for passengers.