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Platform for "Active Digitisation" of engineering documentation with CAE tool

This is in continuation of our efforts in bringing new technological solutions to Indian Industry.

As you are aware, with the advent of high levels in automation, industry4.0 needs of plant connectivity and access with concerned executives from different hierarchy and departments and need of real time up-to-date documentation, there is ever-growing thrust towards DIGITISATION of engineering documentation. However without any compromise in flexibility, controls, security and its engineering capabilities.

It is our everyday experience that the documentation of a typical plant goes to few thousands of pages, stored in PDF, images, spreadsheets in soft copies or hard copies. This means storage, protection, locating of a particular document is herculean task. It further adds to the complication when the changes keep happening and are not updated online in as-built documentations.

Presently Digitisation is generally done through document management systems (conventionally names as DMS / PDMs/EDMs etc ) or lifecycle management tools ( like PLM). While they do other tasks like time management etc related to management information , these conventional tools have limitation when it comes to engineering documents which need CAD and CAE capabilities to make it a “dynamic engineering documentation systems” where changes/updates are required to be done . That means ideally plants need to have Active Digitisation tool with necessary combination of capabilities of CAD for designs, CAE for making reports and testing/monitoring of designs, Document management systems (PDM /DMS) and Lifecycle management during maintenance phase.

While it is needed to have access and the handy availability of any document, Engineers would like to have possibility to change any information at one place, which automatically updates with other relevant places. Unique identification code for every individual document and automatic links between different documents has become basic requirement. With explorer like working of engineers with all their activity they expect similar navigation in engineering documentation also. Engineers expect to have online indication of any mismatch between planned and actual components automatically. Different engineers from different departments should be able to view or work simultaneously without creating confusion. The reports like BOM, Terminal plans, cable schedules, wiring list should be online automatic generation That means all access of users has to be by simple mouse clicking. Revision management should be automatic. It should be able to provide data in PDF, XML files and have interfacing with CAD/CAM for ERP/EDM/EPM for import and export.

Our Solutions to this is “As-built drawings documentation and Digitization on Engineer Base (CAE) platform with central database”.

UL Group ( IT business Division ) is providing the solution in collaboration with latest CAE software, Engineeng Base of AUCOTEC, Germany,

-Database driven, object oriented, multidisciplinary collaborative programmable platform. One system for all kind of documents in connection with Electrical, instrumentation and process automation systems.

The support team of 15 dedicated engineers with expertise in CAE design, development and training has proven track record with many reputed clients like Bhilai Steel Plant, LnT ECC, Outotec Technologies GmBH, ABB, GE etc.

Client can expect following snapshot important features from our solution,

  • Increasing the security and reliability of today’s documentation archive.
  • Improvement of back-documentation due to modifications and changes.
  • Standardization of all kinds of documents in tine and cost saving formats.
  • Editing and updating facilities at site.
  • Reduction of maintenance and fault finding time.
  • Online availability of updated electrical design information.
  • Real time revision management
  • Electronic online transmission of all kind of documents.
  • Central Intelligent Database.
  • Explorer navigation to locate the exact document
  • Object oriented design to ensure the changes made at one place are carried all over the as built documentation instantly.
  • Industry 4.0 product to have access from different departments, different locations and even different countries since all are viewing the same database.
  • Integration of the software tool with all the other tools in the plant e.g ERP like SAP can be integrated with it.
  • Permanent Asset protection by possibility of adding new documents in case of planning, implementation of expansion, refurbishing of the present systems, new project.
  • All department will work on the same platform resulting in better coordination amongst the teams.
  • No need of separate CAD and CAE tools, the functions are in built.
  • No lengthy training need since the components of the tool are all standard Microsoft components and look and feel like windows explorer.