Lalit Sahani
Managing Director, UL Group Of Companies

At UL Group, we solve demanding challenges with our customers every day. Today we have a new challenge. Many changes in business models during the pandemic have been observed and actions will be needed to ensure the result is not uneven.

What is the new normal?

Lockdown, social distancing, vaccination – the events of 2020 have brought with it a whole new vocabulary, which is now commonplace. One of the terms that is repeatedly used as things get better is 'new normal'. What do we exactly mean by new normal? COVID-19 has changed almost every aspect of our, and we all have to adjust to this new state of being. This new state of being is nothing but "new normal". But, be it pre-covid or post-covid, you should have a powerful solution-oriented approach and the willingness to make work easier for your customers and target audience. And that's exactly what makes-up the DNA of UL Group.

What has pandemic taught us?

As far as rational education is concerned, experience is an expensive teacher. The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has been an extremely expensive experience, having cost more than 3.5+ million lives worldwide. Certainly, it has not been an easy time. Now, we are sure that there are so many lessons to be learned from this once-in-a-generation phenomenon-lessons that can hopefully be very crucial to face future calamities of a similar scale. As our corporate lives are concerned, here are some of the most important lessons which we have learnt:

  • Turn adversity into prosperity
  • Go Digital
  • Hire the right people and be flexible
  • Diversify your business

But the ray of hope is nearly here, and we are, by and large, moving past the worst moments as a society — which makes it a good time to take a deep breath and cherish the changes that have occurred. While no one would be displeased if we could magically erase this whole pandemic experience, which is surely not possible. The only way to remain optimistic is to believe, "this too shall pass".


Let's Beat Covid-19

Medical Oxygen Plants:

In these deadly times, UL Group mobilised its automation capabilities by creating automated Medical Oxygen Plants which are now operating in renowned Hospitals in India .
“We think that these Medical oxygen plants provide best quality of Oxygen at significantly lower cost, avoid the high cost of transporting Oxygen and reduce consumption of fuel.”
We look forward to continued contribution in this noble business activity with now proven solutions which not only are economical but also quick to install with world class quality .


Vaccination Drive:

Our sales people and staff continue to assist customers , especially through the recent tough times. UL GROUP has been advocating the need for them to get access to the vaccination.
The vaccination drive was a proactive step to ensure their safety and also that of our associates.
Now, we are confident that a large portion of our fleet have participated and got themselves vaccinated..