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Industry 4.0 / Smart Factory / IIoT

Building Automation Sensors

A) Building Automation Sensors

  • Strengthen Building Automation Systems with UL Advanced Network Technologies With rapid development of digital contents and networks, building surveillance systems too has evolved as intelligent digital active surveillance systems.
  • As a result, overall video surveillance quality has vastly improved while labor and security costs are minimized.
  • Therefore digital networks are used in important public buildings – airports, train stations, office buildings, banks, etc. – to provide connections for door access control, temperature control, lighting monitoring, security system, etc.
  • With Gigabit Ethernet Switches and Optical Fiber Switches, high quality surveillance video can be transmitted from high-resolution IP surveillance cameras to applicable surveillance systems reliably and securely without interruptions.
  • Additionally, secure industrial-grade wireless APs can be used for building locations where implementation of network cables would be difficult and/or costly.

Factory Automation Sensors

B) Factory Automation Sensors

  • For factory automation, it is necessary to have accurate real-time information of automated production-line at all times.
  • Traditionally radio and serial connections are used for factory communications, but the integration of Ethernet and SCADA automation systems can make such communications even more effective.
  • UL has the right products for industrial network communications – e.g. PoE Ethernet Switch and Device Server – allowing traditional serial devices (including RS485 type) to be connected to more robust Ethernet networks.
  • With such upgrade, factory supervisors can get real-time production data much faster and much more reliably, thanks to much higher data bandwidth along with stable and swift redundant ring backup protection.
  • The overall result would be vastly improved work efficiency and lower costs.

Connected Factory

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