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UL Automation Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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UL Automation Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Who We Are

UL Automation is global Indian manufacturing company having state of art electronics manufacturing facility at Pune, India. UL continued to support Automation OEM’s in domestic as well as International market in all major verticals such as Power Plant, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Refineries, Water treatment, Process Plants such as Cement, Steel, Paper, Metal etc. and rapidly expanding operation across the country, head office is in Pune India & sales office at all major metro cities across India.

Machines, systems and solutions in automation field are increasing with complexities and evolving technologies. While it is challenge to extend the skills about new technologies, it is even greater challenge in the wiring between controllers IO’s and field devices, sensor/actuators.  UL has been at the forefront of addressing the issue over last 20 years, not only to ensure the error free connection but through simplified system cabling.

Our Expertise
The UL modular wiring solutions significantly reduce the number of multiple components required in marshalling cabinets. It is Safe and excludes the risk of error, Elimination of wiring error during installation & testing. Fast, thanks to multichannel interface module & prefabricated system means real saving in time and 15 times faster than conventional point to point wiring. Needless to mention it also drastically reducing engineering time and cost. In this way UL has been leading contributor to automation industry in optimising solution and reducing the costs while reliably guaranteeing the safe commissioning of systems. UL modular wiring solutions are virtually available for all PLC & DCS IO cards. All automation giants made UL as their preferred value added partners for their field Interfacing and connectivity needs.

An Ideal alternative to traditional point to point single core cabling, harnessed multicore system cables with corresponding connectors on both sides, offers considerable ease to engineers all over the automation industry. The few compact interface boards or field interfacing modules FIMs as been popularly named by UL and few system cables, which is what is needed to be selected by engineer and the large control systems with thousand of IOs can be wired quickly.

With the use of additional intelligence & few components on board, the system can be implemented of redundancy, autotest, short circuit and surge protection. With experience of dealing with thousands of engineers and Automation corporate from all over the world, every engineering aspect conceivable in wiring of control system is brought on boards. And with emergence of every new controller and concept in the industry, ULs strong RnD expertise is ever hungry to fulfil the same.

  In our aspiration in making the whole control system wiring, we extended the concept to utility wiring modules like Oring module for power supply, fused power distribution module, utility connection modules, Fan failure detection module so on so forth.

Manufacturing Process on SAP

  • Reduced waste, re-work and scrap, Including quicker setup times
  • More accurate capture of cost-information (e.g. labor, scrap, downtime, and tooling)
  • Increased uptime
  • Incorporate Paperless Workflow Activities
  • Optimization of Inventory
  • Production Track & trace
  • Management of Product definitions.
  • Management of resources
  • Scheduling (Production process)
  • Dispatching production orders
  • Execution of production orders
  • Collection of production data
  • Production performance analysis
  • Production Track & trace.
  • Generating quick Reports of Purchase/Production/Sales