PROFIBUS DP-PA Coupler / Link System

Product Details

  • Intelligent DP-PA Coupler/Link System
  • Seamless high speed integration to PROFIBUS PA Devices
  • Adjusted bus parameters are not required and therefore suitable for all DCS and PLC systems, even running on 12 Mbps.
  • Allows you to remotely monitor your PROFIBUS installations from anywhere in the world and will alert you if any faults arise or are likely to arise.
  • Jitter, noise, DC current, DC voltage, bar graph and oscilloscope, it is all there and easy to access.
  • The free CommDTM allows access for asset management tools over Ethernet.
  • The integrated PA termination
  • It does not require configuration and operates the same way as regular COMbricks repeaters.
  • Can directly replace 3rd party Non-Ex PA couplers/links and can be used as a monitor behind existing 3rd party Non-Ex PA couplers.
  • The only product with an integrated oscilloscope for permanent PROFIBUS monitoring over Ethernet.

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