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HC900 & HC900 SIL-2

The Honeywell HC900 Hybrid Controller is an advanced loop and logic controller offering a modular design sized to satisfy the control and data management needs of a wide range of process equipment. When combined with the optional 900 Control Station operator Interface that is highly integrated with the controller’s database, configuration and setup time is minimized. Open Ethernet connectivity with Modbus TCP Protocol also allows network access using a variety of HMI/SCADA software. Easy-to-use Windows-based Hybrid Control Designer software, operable over Ethernet, an RS232 port or modem connection, simplifies controller and operator interface configuration. It provides advanced monitoring functions for debug, allows run-mode configuration changes while maintaining process control uploads the complete, annotated graphic controller configuration, plus supplies an array of reports for enhanced documentation. The HC900 Controller provides superior PID loop control and more robust analog processing than most logic controllers without compromising logic performance. A separate, fast scan cycle executes a rich assortment of logic and calculation function blocks. Logic blocks may also execute in the same scan with analog function blocks for time critical events. These function blocks may be fully integrated into a combined analog and logic control strategy for uncompromising control performance.

Features :

The highlights of MasterLogic-200 PLC system are

Non-redundant and Redundant Architectures

  • PID Control with advanced Accutune III autotuning
  • Adjustable recipe pool memory lets you allocate memory for recipes, SP Profiles, sequences and schedules to meet your needs.
  • Up to 1920 points with remote I/O
  • Boolean Logic programming. Robust assortment of over 100 algorithms
  • Advanced Floating Point Math Functions. Extensive alarm and event monitoring
  • Up to 960 Isolated, Analog Inputs

Remote I/O Racks with wire or fiber optics for extended distance.

  • I/O Insert/Remove under power
  • LED on/off indicators on digital I/O
  • Graphic Function Block Configuration – 400, 2000 or 5000 blocks
  • Fast updates – 27 ms logic, 0.5 sec analog
  • Open 10MB or 10/100MB Ethernet interface Using Modbus/TCP. Peer-to-peer communications Via Ethernet
  • E-mail alarm/event messaging on priority

Ramp/Soak Setpoint Programmers

  • Setpoint Schedulers with multiple outputs
  • Sequencers with 16 Outputs each
  • Up to 1920 points with remote I/O
  • Modbus read/write parameters assignable to either fixed or custom addresses for access by HMI or supervisory software.
  • Modbus TCP Initiator
  • Gas flow function blocks per American Gas Association specs
  • Calendar block for triggering events

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