PROFIBUS Support – Success Story by UL Group

In the world of industrial automation, reliability and precision are paramount, especially in sectors like steel production where any downtime can result in significant losses. One of the leading steel producers, renowned for their advanced processing facilities and commitment to quality, faced persistent challenges with their PROFIBUS network. They turned to the UL Group for a solution, leveraging our expertise in PROFIBUS Diagnosis Services to ensure their network runs seamlessly 24×7.

The Challenge

Our client, a major player in the steel industry with facilities spread across various Indian cities, relies heavily on PROFIBUS technology for their networking needs. PROFIBUS is renowned for its reliability and determinism, especially in harsh environments typical of the steel industry. However, they were facing continuous node failures in their PROFIBUS network, particularly in the PMS CGL AIR KNIFE section, leading to production losses and operational inefficiencies.

The situation became critical when we received an early morning call from their Managing Director. The urgency was palpable, underscoring the high stakes involved in resolving the issue swiftly and effectively. Our team had to act fast, with no room for error.

The Diagnostic Approach

By 9 AM, we were on our way to the plant, and by 1 PM, we had arrived at the site. Within an hour, we had identified the issues and had the network running smoothly again. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the actions taken:

1. Understanding the Network and Issues:
– We started by thoroughly understanding the client’s entire PROFIBUS network and the specific problems they were encountering. It was crucial to also review any previous attempts made by the client to resolve these issues.

2. Initial Diagnosis:
– Using the Procentec ProfiTrace Ultra Tool, we conducted a comprehensive health check of the existing network. This initial diagnosis revealed several termination and cabling issues that needed to be addressed.

Pic-01: AB differential voltage at 1st stage without any modifications in the network.

3. Checking and Correcting Terminations:
– We inspected each termination point, starting from the first PROFIBUS node to the last. At the starting node, we found the Master termination was set to OFF, which was incorrect. We switched it to ON, leading to some improvement in voltage levels, though not sufficient.

4. Repeater Inspection:
– Moving on to the repeater, we discovered incorrect cabling. We corrected the connections as follows:
– Properly connected the A and B lines.
– Interchanged PROFIBUS segments from A1’-B1’ to A2-B2 to utilize the repeater functionality effectively.

5. Post-Modification Diagnosis:
– After implementing these changes, we re-evaluated the network using the Procentec Proficore Ultra Tool. This time, the results were satisfactory, indicating a stable and healthy network.

6. Observation and Final Adjustments:
– We monitored the system for four hours to ensure stability, during which no issues were reported. This observation period confirmed that our modifications had resolved the underlying problems.

7. Final Report and Handover:
– We generated a final PROFIBUS diagnosis report, detailing all the modifications made. The network was handed over to the client in a fully functional and healthy state.

Pic-02: AB differential voltage after implementing changes in the network.


This success story highlights the critical role of expertise and prompt action in maintaining industrial networks. By systematically diagnosing and addressing the issues, we were able to restore the network’s functionality quickly, minimizing downtime and production losses. Our client now enjoys a stable and reliable PROFIBUS network, ensuring their operations run smoothly. The UL Group’s rich experience and technical prowess in PROFIBUS diagnosis and support continue to provide robust solutions for the most demanding industrial environments. This case underscores the importance of having a reliable partner to manage and troubleshoot complex network issues, ensuring uninterrupted operations and optimal performance.

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