Presented By: Mr. Vaibhav Rane Senior Service & Support Engineer PROFIBUS.

Introduction: UL Group team visited this customer and indulged into an initial discussion with the clients. Input shared by them was that most of the time while running the site, suddenly it stops due to network failure, this impacts the production and increases downtime. Main aim was to overcome the challenges faced by customers frequently in their Industrial Automated process of Paint Shop.

Customer Problem Statement: During our visit to the luxury automotive manufacturer in the month of June 2021 we discussed their network problems with the team. We observed some Networks facing node failure, to stabilize the voltage level: The problem is due to low voltage over the network & flickering of the devices. Because of this issue, they were facing production loss.

Proposed Solutions: After visiting their plant, we worked out a survey visit. We connected the PROFIBUS diagnostic tool to each controller on the network, this instantly identifies the problems over the network.

The diagnosed problems were:

  1. Low Voltages in the networks
  2. Signal strength continuously dropped.
  3. Double Addresses in the Diagnostic Repeaters.
  4. 1 Mtr Rule Problems
  5. Power cables are too close to the three phases.

Implementation: During our Service visit we implemented our most popular Products Profibus Multiport Hub & other products on their Profibus networks (Replaced the Siemens repeater)

Results : We were able to get a machine back to 100% capacity which was initially running on an extremely time-sensitive job for a customer whose business depends on delivery of goods on a daily basis. We have also given Profibus training and guidelines to troubleshoot the problems on the Profibus network.

Further Prospect: Our Implement Solutions is working fine on their Paint Shop Unit. Future prospect for this is this automotive manufacturers’ assembly shop & body shop. Also, they give preference to AMC Service Visit in their all Units.

Conclusion: In paint shop they used this successful formula and now suggest it to their other Departments & Plants. We found there was no error in the network and site was running in good condition.

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